This is the story about my daughter’s journey through topical steroid withdrawal.  My daughter is suffering through something horrific and I may post things that are offensive.  It isn’t my intention to offend anyone, but it really isn’t my concern either.  I am a Mom, not a Doctor.  I offer no medical advice.  I am just here to vent (so that I don’t explode) and to try and spread the word about topical steroid addiction.


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  1. Dideek says:

    Hi…my son started TSW a month after your daughter. I was present on the FB forum back then and followed your story. He is now healed…I am now revisiting things as I have a friend whose daughter is beginning withdrawals. I am passing on your shedding and oozing post to her. But…I was just wondering how your beautiful girl was doing now?

    • tanddi says:

      Thanks so much for asking. I haven’t updated this blog in ages. I can’t say that my daughter is healed but she is so much better. She is living a normal life now. She doesn’t miss school because of tsw and is back to all her normal activities. She does still scratch daily. She also has times when she is super itchy but NOTHING like before. She also has several areas that aren’t healed yet but on those areas she used Protopic, not Topical Steroids. From what I hear the healing from Protopic takes longer.
      I am so glad that your son is healed. How long did it take? Sometimes when I think back to the suffering I can’t even believe how strong these kids are.

      • Dideek says:

        Thanks for replying. It is good to hear she is not homebound anymore and is back to normal activities. He healed in 9 mths but by this I mean that was the end to the RSS flares. Since then and until now he has what I am guessing would be regular eczema in typical places…elbows, behind knees, feet, neck. So he still itches but this is minor and does not affect our day to day lives.

        It would be wonderful to add a couple of updated photos if you had time…to give hope to others in their time of darkness. I have been meaning to visit the forum to post a during/post TSW pic for the same reason 🙂

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