TSW Month 7

Month 7 has brought my daughter a lot more energy.  She has been on the trampoline almost daily.  By the middle of month 7 she was jumping several times a day for over a half hour each time.  This of course causes more sweat (which sucks) but it is worth it to see her enjoying herself so much.


Bath time still sucks!  She screams so we still run around the house closing the windows until she is done.  It stings like crazy for the first 5 – 10 minutes and then it gets better.  Then the itch starts and she goes crazy until she is out of the tub.  GOOD TIMES!!!!!

Her skin really hasn’t showed a lot of improvement but every little bit counts.  It looks a little better but not much.  Her feet are still a disaster.

Foot 9-6-13

Her hands are still pretty raw at times.

Hand 8-31-13 2Hand 9-7-13

Her face is still bad. Nose and Chin 9-8-13

HOWEVER, I do see more clear skin surrounding all of the scabby, scaly, crusty areas.  I also see more clear areas on her arms and her thighs.

Leg 9-6-13

Her shoulders, chest and arms look better than the rest of her body but her stomach still gets pretty red.

Stomach 8-31-13

Every tiny area of clear skin is so encouraging.

School started at the end of month 7 which caused some issues but nothing terrible.  She was worried and scared but excited about seeing all her friends.  Typical stress that all kids experience.  She did great and was so happy to see everyone but boy was she tired.  By the 3rd day of school she was used to it.

Onto month 8!


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I am a lover of junk. I love to craft and sew and re-purpose old crap. My mind is a scattered mess with too many ideas running through it so I don't always focus and get my projects done. BUT, I usually have fun trying.
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