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TSW -Month 8 – Roller Coaster!!!!!!!!

Month 8 of TSW has been a whirlwind.  It started out great and then she was slammed!  I guess it is to be expected but that doesn’t make it any less painful for her or for us to see. We started the … Continue reading

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Additional Side Effect

I completely forgot one of the worst side effects – Nerve Pain or Zingers!  I can’t believe that I remembered this side effect now, when my daughter is no longer getting zingers.  I have no clue what made it pop … Continue reading

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TSW Month 7

Month 7 has brought my daughter a lot more energy.  She has been on the trampoline almost daily.  By the middle of month 7 she was jumping several times a day for over a half hour each time.  This of … Continue reading

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