TSW Month 6

So, we completed month 6 and not much has changed with my daughter since month 5.  That is a little frustrating but we knew this was going to be a long slow process.

THOSE DAMN FEET! – Every other area of my daughter’s body has shown a little improvement but her feet just do not seem to want to heal.  I have no idea what to try or if I should just leave it alone.  They are so damn red and raw.  It makes me want to scream.  Can you believe these are the feet of a young girl?  I know it sounds crazy but I look at those tiny patches of white and it gives me hope.

 Foot 7-21-13Foot 7-23-13    

EYEBROWS:  The eyebrows seem to be coming in a little bit.  In Months 4 and 5 she had no eyebrows at all and now there is some hair growth.  That is very encouraging to me.  I understand that she could lose them again but for now I am holding onto the hope that they will continue to get thicker.

No Eyebrows 6-9-134 Months  Forehead 7-27-136 Months

FACE – There has been improvement to my daughter’s face.  The first few months her entire face was bright red and flaky.  It was so dry that it was cracking.  There are some smooth areas now and it isn’t quite as red.  When I look at the 6 month picture below and realize that I consider it good I know that my standards are way too low.Nose and Mouth 4-30-13Month 3

Nose and Mouth 7-26-13Month 6

SLEEP – Sleep has become more of an issue this month.  It was horrible the first few months because she would wake up constantly.  Then it seemed to settle down a little.  In month 6 she has been having a really hard time falling asleep and she wakes up at least once most nights.  Sometimes it is from the itch, sometimes it is because her skin hurts and sometimes she is just too uncomfortable to fall back asleep.  I have tried to teach her some relaxation techniques that sometimes work.  Other times she asks for something for the itch and then she can fall back asleep.  I hope the sleep gets better before she has to go back to school.

NEW PRODUCTS – We are still using the same products on her but have tried a couple of new ones.

Magic Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic – liked the feel of it but she still prefers coconut oil and white petroleum jelly on her feet and hands.

Florasone Cream – This helped a little with the itch but it stings open areas.  The tube is really small so it isn’t something you can use all over the body throughout the day.

100% Raw Manuka Honey – Didn’t give this a fair try.  I put it on a small spot to test it and my daughter said that she didn’t like the smell.  We will try it again.

Bring on Month 7!  The more months we complete, the closer we get to healing.

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2 Responses to TSW Month 6

  1. cheri says:

    How do you know it is TSA and not just eczema?

    • tanddi says:

      If you go to ITSAN.org, there are several questions at the bottom of the home page. When I answered yes to the questions I knew. Even before that I knew in my heart that the steroids were making it worse but I didn’t know what to do about it since her doctors were suggesting stronger steroids. Eczema does not spread and get worse when you stop using steroids. Eczema also does not burn.

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