Candida Eater

In the summer of 2012 we started our 8 1/2 year old daughter on the anti-candida diet.  So, the list below shows some of the foods she could NOT eat.

Cheese, Ice Cream, Margarine, Enriched Pasta, Walnuts, Apples, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Dates, Figs, Grapes, Honeydew, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Plums, Prunes, Raspberries, Raisins, Watermelon, Soy Sauce, Shortening, Vinegar, Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes, Bread – except yeast free, Bakers Yeast, Brewers Yeast, Cake, Candy, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Cookies, Honey, White Sugar, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Soda, Snapple, Tap Water, Lemonade unless pure, Tea, No Fruit Juice – except Orange and Grapefruit.

Hey we were going to Bermuda for a week, how bad could it be?  We were about to find out!

We packed a whole suitcase with foods (and supplements) that she could eat and we had a kitchen so we could cook for her.  It was all good – or so we thought.  Our daughter was still going through withdrawal, even though we had her on mild topical steroids.  Most of her skin was ok but she had dry, cracked areas on her ankles and behind her knees.

My daughter is the definition of warrior.  She was determined to swim in the ocean and tried even though it really burned.  She would have tears in her eyes and tell me that it burned but she stayed in.  She wasn’t able stay in long but she managed to snorkel a little most days.  The pool didn’t have much chlorine so that was better for her.  It didn’t burn at all.  She swam every day and enjoyed that but she was missing something – food.  Plus she hated taking the supplements.  It was a fight 3 times a day.

My daughter was always long and lean.  She didn’t hit 20 pounds until she was a year and a half old but was in the 90th percentile for height.  She was 55 pounds when she started this diet and wound up losing 5 pounds within 2 weeks.  Her bikini bottoms were falling off her little ass.  Leggings looked like loose pants.  She was wasting away.

A couple weeks after we got home we went back to the holistic dermatologist.  Her skin was not improving at all with this diet.  It was already over a month.  He put her on 9 more supplements and said to give the diet more time.

We could not see a way out of any of this.  Our baby was now below 50 pounds, her skin looked like shit and she was miserable.

Once again I hit the internet desperately searching for answers.  I would spend every free moment looking for something that could cure her.  I knew the answer wasn’t pharmaceuticals but I didn’t know what it was.  I ordered every “miracle” cure I could get my hands on and tried it all.  My husband begged me to stop but I couldn’t.  I had to help her.

Then one day I did a search for severe eczema and came across a picture of someone who looked like my daughter when we took her off the steroids.  It said Red Skin or Red Man – I don’t even remember but it put me on the right track.  I wound up doing a search for Red Skin and found, I watched the video on the home page and instantly knew this was what my baby was suffering from – topical steroid addiction.  Everything changed that moment.

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I am a lover of junk. I love to craft and sew and re-purpose old crap. My mind is a scattered mess with too many ideas running through it so I don't always focus and get my projects done. BUT, I usually have fun trying.
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6 Responses to Candida Eater

  1. Wonderful post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!

  2. Karina sandberg says:

    Did you get her tested for candida and that’s why you put her on the diet? Or just trying anything to help? I’m wondering bc I’m going through TSW but also working with a functional medicine dr who just ordered a stool test for candida. Like, am I really going to have to do this crazy strict diet on top of TSW?! Did you end up curing her of candida?

    • tanddi says:

      A holistic dermatologist said that it was candida but his testing was questionable. He really just examined her with a blue light and put her on a ton of supplements and an insane diet. She clearly didn’t have candida because she is healing and that started to happen after we stopped the diet and supplements. From what research I have done on candida, it is something that has been talked about for hundreds of years and there is a new wave of people talking about it again. I don’t know why they need to do a stool test. From what I remember reading, you can test it yourself at home but spitting in a glass of water in the morning. I think if stringy things hang down, you have candida.
      If we kept her on that diet while going through tsw, she would have been hospitalized. She lost so much weight on that diet and she lost more weight going through tsw. Keeping her on the diet at the same time she would not have wasted away. I don’t know how far along into tsw you are. If it is the beginning, maybe you should wait a little while before going on the diet because you really can lose a lot of weight at the beginning. Your body needs everything you feed it to heal. This is just my opinion. I clearly have no medical training. I am just basing this on what we have experienced.
      In general my daughter and I are pretty healthy eaters. We both eat tons of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and not a lot of processed food. My husband could live on fast food. However, during tsw there have been times when my daughter was just famished. She could not get enough food into her. Her body just needed more and more. If she needed to eat Oreos those days, then we gave her Oreos. We used to do a lot of smoothies but now we really just give her whatever is going to make her happy. Like I said though, she is a healthy eater anyway so I don’t stress about her eating chips if she ate healthy food the rest of the day.
      Sorry for the long response and good luck in whatever you choose to do.

      • Karina Sandberg says:

        No, thank you so much for your response! I’m at the end of my 2nd month of withdrawal. The stool test is testing for other things like parasites and god knows what else but I have a feeling that even if I do have candida, that I won’t be able to heal it with diet alone and may just cause additional suffering. I guess time will tell.

      • tanddi says:

        You can always deal with it after tsw. Maybe you can do a modified diet. Watching sugar intake is the most important thing. It isn’t easy to stop eating sugar and carbs though when you aren’t feeling good. If you cut back, that certainly can’t hurt. Good luck no matter what you decide. This is a tough road but so worth it. I can’t wait for the day that we are all not thinking about skin every minute of every day.

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